Useful Links 09-29-14

I click. A lot. These are some useful things I found recently.

The Ultimate Guide to iPhone Screen Resolutions
From 2G all the way through 6 Plus, covers rendered pixels, physical pixels, and physical device measurments. Very handy.
Cheat Sheets for Python, Node, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Git, etc., etc. TONS of useful content here. A must-bookmark.
A Scalable CSS Reading List
Nice curated list of articles focused on issues when scaling CSS in large and growing projects.
cd to
Very cool little Mac tool - Finder Toolbar app to open the current directory in Terminal, iTerm2, x11, etc. Jump from Finder to your terminal of choice quickly.
Sync folders Using Dropbox,
even if they’re not in the Dropbox folder.
iOS App Store Marketing Guidelines
To correctly promote your affiliation with the App Store in all marketing communications. The guidelines include information on using the App Store badge and Apple product images, as well as app marketing best practices.